Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off to Unravel

At Art Unraveled. I am spending a few days with my precious daughter first, though. This is Tuesday's entry. I am still messing about with octopi and am still in the octopus novice drawing stage. I LOVE this image of the creature legs up. I got a bunch of images from Google, printed them so I have source material.
Many times I ruminate an idea to death and then the execution is smoother. I read a great article in this week's New Yorker about ideas and intuition. If you can believe it scientists are doing very complex research on these topics. One note of advice is that the brain comes up with ideas when it is at rest. I notice in my own life that ideas come flooding in when I first wake up. If I give myself some time before I get out of bed I come up with amazing ideas to solve issues I've been wrestling with.
I was so inspired by Jill Berry's symbol-a-day idea that I have started. Perhaps I'll carve stamps when I am done. Doing things in a series really appeals to me. There was a time that I would start collecting an image a day coinciding with my menstrual flow. After 28 images I would photocopy them all and do a photocopy transfer on fabric for a kimono jacket that I designed. I have one with chairs, one with dragonflies, one with a piece of art from 28 other artists. It involved my physiology part of the making. Boy, I could write about this for a LONG time! My body no longer make eggs so I need to think of another way to let my body determine a series.

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