Saturday, October 14, 2017


The narratives of my work often include alternate planes. I like that idea.
There was a time when there seemed to be lots of hype about this sacred place and that sacred place and people were making pilgrimages to these "sacred" places. I guess to experience a transformation of consciousness. That hype  enraged me because, again, it shut lots of people OUT. Me included. Elitism.
Perhaps it was Joseph Campbell who started me thinking about the ever present opportunity for the transcendent. It was practical, free and available at all times to EVERYONE!
No commodification. Isn't that funny? Commodification of the sacred?

Last year's journal page.
I've never experienced a ghost. Ghosts are like characters in a story. I do know people who claim to have personal experiences with ghosts. Wait! Sometimes I find myself responding to something I hear my grandma saying or my father saying. Or old friends who have died.
But I've never seen a ghost.
Only heard them I guess.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Recovery Day

Continuing Frida Dog Collage Calendar Project. This is the October Beauty!
I was making dog pictures with Frida (Kahlo) headgear in my visual journal last December. A friend suggested this would be a good idea for a calendar. That's what I'm doing. Utilitarian + Aesthetic! I am saving the actual calendar bits for the final stage of all 12 images.
Yesterday was Recovery Day.
I had a brilliant massage on Wednesday. The brilliant massage unleashed bunch of stuff and it takes a day to recover.
I napped.
I read.
I rested.
And I built all the heads for the Pixie Ghost Ring for the front yard. I am hoping I can store these from year to year and reassemble for each October.
My collages are NOT digital.They are all hand cut and glued.
Its a Captain Kangaroo thing. The sound of his scissors determined the course of my life.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

BIG MAGIC and Fish Mosaics

Am listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's BIG MAGIC. Having fought the battle of making for all of my life, this book is a brilliant "Hell Yeah! Right On!" Got it as e-audio book from my public library.
Came upon this page in last year's journal. I've never made this apron, but I'm glad I drew down the pockets because I really want to try this double pocket idea! It may be on the agenda for today.
All of a sudden, my fish mosaics came in to my brain. I have a stack of them out in Studio South. They are all ready for their black grout. I wanted to find new solution to edging and I thought I had but I never drew it down and now I can't remember my brilliant idea. Today I will start drawing solutions. If my previous idea was a good one I trust that it will come back once it finds out I need it again.
Lesson # 674,300, 822: Draw ideas DOWN! when I have them!
Thinking Pixie Ghost Ring Too!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fighting my Desires

Its a continuing scenario:

Girl does well with daily making.
Girl wants some payoff from daily making.
(other people seems to get friends, attention, sales even!)
Girl's only payoff from daily making is Daily Making.
Girl wants more.
Girl becomes sad and unsatisfied.
Girl continues to make daily.

AND then she realizes that she has been caught up in desire for things she does not have. When she lets go of the desire she feels fulfilled and grateful for her precious Daily Making.

This month I play with October seasonal images and spookinesses.

I am so in love with this season. Its mystery has enchanted me since I was a little.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Marjorie's House

Visited Marjorie Rawling's house in Cross Creek last winter with my sister and her husband. Had a most wonderful time being at her farm which is much like it was 60+ years ago. I decided that when I retire I would volunteer and become a docent. I could continue my love of telling stories!
Flash ahead to Retirement.
Serendipitously, the park needed 1940's style dresses for their employees and volunteers. It is a living history park. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY GOOD FORTUNE! I spent hours on research and then figured out how to make dresses that would be useful and not fussy! The farm woman at that time had no time for fussy. I learned about feedsack clothing and the actual work of clothing a family before mass produced clothing became available.
I settled on the Dottie Angel Simplicity 1080 pattern with 1940's details. I made 4 for myself as an experiment and then 3 for the park with 3 - 4 more to come. Plus I made custom dresses for 2 hardworking employees at the park. AND my sister made a lovely dress from an authentic pattern from the time using vintage reproduction fabric.
I started my docent training on Friday.
Am reading Cross Creek.
Am enchanted.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Re-Start! Use it UP!

Just retired in June. Been an educator since 1988. 
I was ready to switch lanes...2 years ago I was ready. 
I kept seeing my true strength as solving pictorial and narrative problems, not behavioral or educational politics. 
There was never enough time for making. 
And then add aging to the mix and the energy became limited too. 
Here I am....I am finding my way. 
Its challenging.
I am so glad I learned years ago how to listen to the true source of my creativity.
I call her "my little".
She always knows best and is way better at pictorial and narrative problems than I am.
She is so sure of herself that she leads me astray only to guide me to new discoveries!
I had to make these little birds.
I have a thing about boxes
...and resin
...and found things
...and birds
...and wings
...and buttons
and about using up my collections. No more "saving". 
Only using!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Its my Dear Sister's Birthday! I am 6 years older & she is my best friend. She lives on the other side of the country though.
Need to keep using the editing software on PC so I can stay in shape.
Moon is waning after its huge-ness.
Dog walking in moonlight.
Book Character Day next week. I am going to be a starry sky. There are plenty of starry skies in children's stories.