Friday, July 18, 2008

Cutting Windows

Where have I been? Wednesday and Thursday sort of got away from me! Today I have been getting things out for my sale tomorrow and Sunday.
Studio South is holding all the for sale mosaics. I cleaned out Studio North and found lots of jewelry that I made that I'm ready to part with. Studio Up, stock hold of paintings, has been gone through so now I just need Dan to help me bring all of it down and I have to price that stuff.
Most fun of all, though, has been the discovery of a rescued set of Childcraft books published in the 90's. There is nothing charming about the text but the covers are primo! I cut down one set of covers and it was such hard work with a lino knife (even my new one!) that this morning I took the covers out the Handyhouse and cut them with the chop saw! Easy as eating cherry pie! I am very awed by Daniel Essig's books with treasures niches. My version will be low tech! Yay! My favorite! So the first one I cut 2 pieces from each the back and front covers, 5 1/2" X 4 1/4", with a niche window 1 1/2" square. I glued 2 together so that the niche would have some depth. Then I used a piece of packing tape on the back of the window, serendipitously it held down the little shell and is transparent too. Hmmm... I am thinking ....I'll use Diamond Glaze! So I pour in the Diamond Glaze so that it covers the shell. As soon as I get done pouring I realize that this would be a great job for Envirotex Resin! And now I'm REALLY excited! I have been collecting little precious nature objects for a while now.
I have more book covers cut, glued and pressing right now!
And here's the status of the shell leaf necklace in process:

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