Sunday, July 20, 2008


The sale went great yesterday. Lots of friends came over and left with pieces of work that are off to have a life of their own. I was thinking of how thrilling that is for me. The works will be interactive on a daily basis somehow and that is quite a big deal for the maker. Everyone seemed so happy to be getting artworks. I will get smarmy if I continue.
This journal entry is quite controlled and lively--some days are like that! This morning I finished the last page in the current journal and I'm not prepared with another book! Fortunately, I think I can rustle something up by tomorrow.
Walking my doggies at 7 AM was steamy business this morning.
My sale starts again at 1 today. There is not much left.
I am so excited about making more resin-filled-niche books! Next week!
I am feeling very Grateful; Great-Full; Grape-filled; Grateful.

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