Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Resin Niche

I just made a scan of these book covers. Its difficult to get the full idea of the resin filled niche from the scan image.
The cover on the left is a dragonfly wing that I've had for months now and it worked fantastic! The cover on the right is a Chinese coin below and sea glass above. The sea glass has become just a smudge of green. Thats okay. After I poured the resin I got a little worried that it might eat right through the packing tape. Nope! The tape worked perfectly! And the brilliant thing about the tape is that it holds down whatever I put in the niche while I pour the resin.
Its raining!
I am slug bait today! Everything was hard. I managed to do my hour of exercise and cut a few niches and then I went and read for a couple of hours. I rarely feel this lifeless.
Of all the things I have to be excited about I just couldn't generate any kind of energy. But look I made it to the computer and put in 2 entries!

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