Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I wish I would have taken a before picture of the interior of Studio South! I spent Monday cleaning and purging and now its a space I can work in again.
Yesterday I was getting ready to work on the deck space and I was in town all day. I was buying caladiums and ivy.
This morning, I went out to pot the caladiums that I got yesterday and I was looking at the underside of the canopy that is on the deck. It was disgusting! Its so sunny out on the deck that without shade its too brutal to use. But the weathering on the canopy was too brutal to look at and its probably one of the reasons the deck space never got used.
I thought perhaps the fabric canopy could take paint. It did! I went paint shopping in the studio and found half a can of light blue. It was enough to get started and I did have to make a run to Lowe's to get another quart. I'm sure the whole job would have only taken a quart. It was very easy to paint. Look how swell it looks!
Another terrific day of hard work! I am so grateful that my body is letting me work it hard again. The deck is usable--just in time for my sale this weekend.
Tomorrow I shop for sangria ingredients and decide whether to make crostini or empanadas.

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