Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here is our addition in it's infant stage. The roof is peaked not flat. There will be a screened in porch (where the ladder is) accessible by french doors from the addition. That new room we are calling the 'Flori-darium', a combo of Florida Room and Solarium. On the 2 sides of the room will be 6' x 4' casement windows--wow! lots of back yard viewing, which is what this room is all about.
Yes, I have been journaling.
2009 will again be the Year of Health and Beauty. I think I have a better shot at it this year b/c I can walk more than 3 blocks!
Studio Up (the paper studio) is all torn apart b/c its included in this renovation. We packed it all up on Sunday and as of yesterday it looked like this! Dormer windows and a new staircase will be going in so it will be a while until I move back in. It will splendid when done.
Its New Year's Eve and I hope to wake up to watch the fireworks that the neighbors shot off. I can never stay up til midnight.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've been playing here since yesterday! I downloaded lots of really fun projects to feed my need to cut and paste!
I've named my business All of the Above and now I wish I would have named it Cut & Paste!
Check this out and click on everything! Its all FREE!
Canon Creative Park
By the way, I ordered free business cards from Vista.
This company offers lots of free products so I took advantage of their offerings. You might want to as well.

Excuses & Fear!

Excuses for not producing, fear of producing. In my journal this morning appeared the notion that I might make the wrong choice of making that would somehow stand in the way of me becoming an artist; that making the right choice is of paramount importance to my credibility. Whoa! That's so counter productive and nearly hateful. Another reason why journaling is so valuable! The nonsense I can sometimes think comes to light before doing too much damage.
These things are in my mind to make:
1. Clocks as sculpture. I have been collecting and saving bits to stack together to make clock towers.
2. Door size mosaics of people.
3. Floor lamp made out of a tree trunk with one branch. It needs to be painted, not left tree trunk color. I saw one like it in the new Dwell issue.
4. Make more books. They have sold very well and I love the way people linger over them.
5. Painting portraits.
6. Painting objects on all the same size canvases.
7. Painting two disparate objects together.
8. Making light up Cornell boxes.
This tree branch bike is too divine!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And months later

Lets see:
1. I had surgery on my back on November 4th
2. I had an amazing experience of healing after surgery when I truly felt all the healing energy of people's best wishes. It sounds woo-hoo, I know, but I did and I was grateful for it.
3. Stated back to work on November 24th.
4. Went to NM for Thanksgiving to be with family-was a sweet trip.
5. Our house is under construction for the last re-model.
6. Christmas ambushed me this year again and I am not ready.
7. And most of all, I am trying to find my way as an artist for the zillionth time.
I have stopped journaling and I really need to start again. It was such a huge force in my life and it was guaranteed "making" time as soon as I got up in the morning. I am not making mosaics, but I am saving wood from our construction project for future mosaics. I have been making quite a lot of found object jewelry. I gave most of it as gifts.
So, my promise to myself is to journal today and blog tomorrow.