Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here is our addition in it's infant stage. The roof is peaked not flat. There will be a screened in porch (where the ladder is) accessible by french doors from the addition. That new room we are calling the 'Flori-darium', a combo of Florida Room and Solarium. On the 2 sides of the room will be 6' x 4' casement windows--wow! lots of back yard viewing, which is what this room is all about.
Yes, I have been journaling.
2009 will again be the Year of Health and Beauty. I think I have a better shot at it this year b/c I can walk more than 3 blocks!
Studio Up (the paper studio) is all torn apart b/c its included in this renovation. We packed it all up on Sunday and as of yesterday it looked like this! Dormer windows and a new staircase will be going in so it will be a while until I move back in. It will splendid when done.
Its New Year's Eve and I hope to wake up to watch the fireworks that the neighbors shot off. I can never stay up til midnight.


crh said...

Check out this site, Momma!

Suki Minter said...

I can't wait to see your house - finished or not. I know it will be beautiful.