Sunday, December 28, 2008

Excuses & Fear!

Excuses for not producing, fear of producing. In my journal this morning appeared the notion that I might make the wrong choice of making that would somehow stand in the way of me becoming an artist; that making the right choice is of paramount importance to my credibility. Whoa! That's so counter productive and nearly hateful. Another reason why journaling is so valuable! The nonsense I can sometimes think comes to light before doing too much damage.
These things are in my mind to make:
1. Clocks as sculpture. I have been collecting and saving bits to stack together to make clock towers.
2. Door size mosaics of people.
3. Floor lamp made out of a tree trunk with one branch. It needs to be painted, not left tree trunk color. I saw one like it in the new Dwell issue.
4. Make more books. They have sold very well and I love the way people linger over them.
5. Painting portraits.
6. Painting objects on all the same size canvases.
7. Painting two disparate objects together.
8. Making light up Cornell boxes.
This tree branch bike is too divine!

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