Thursday, December 29, 2011

Painting e-course la, la, laaahhhh

I found this posting in among my google-reader. I got excited right away! I was drawn in by Flora's compositions & layers of color! Yup, I am a painter but its impossible for me to MAKE paintings right now b/c of my work. The work of painting is long for me. It takes long hours of examination, notes in a painting journal & scraping & revision. I LOVE THE PROCESS. So this class called to me to satisfy this need. Its a 5 week course. I am so looking forward to it!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Corner

Pink Tree in the corner
This has not been a year for Christmas decorating. The Pink Tree is about it & some candles on the table. It was a sweet time staying at home & totally indulging in making things & resting. I did finish the Subway Sign & it is now in the Library where I have envisioned it for months & months.
Many steps can be found here. There are many steps & many times along the way that I wondered if this was a lot of work for unfix-able mistakes! I am very happy with the product--it has that 'made in the woods' kind of feel. These are street names in Micanopy. I love thinking of Micanopy Underground Transport System, MUTS.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Its finally winter Holiday & I have so many plans for making things; discoveries have also been made about my making: it sort of doesn't matter what it is I am making as long as I am excitedly engaged.

My Billboard Quilt from the quilt-along by Oh Fransson. It was great fun & very easy. Dan & I took a trip on the Florida Turnpike scouring billboards as we went. This phrase won!
I used all scrap & an old sheet for background. This quilt re-kindled my quilt making & I have several more in the works

Little Emmett. He was born in the Friday before Easter. He hasn't grown very much. He might just be really tiny but his bravery reminded us of Emmitt Smith...his namesake. I feel like a little girl with a puppy to call her own.