Monday, July 4, 2011

Today his name is Emmett!

The newest member of the pack. He just turned 10 weeks on Friday. His momma is an Apple-head Chihuahua & his dad is a Long-hair Chihuahua. This guy is brave enough to make friends with his 50 pound pack-sister, Sigrid & grumpy-ish pack-bro, Nicholas. I am thrilled with this pup. When I went to choose from the litter, he definitely whispered, "pick me, pick me".
Emmett walked on his little tiny halter leash for a 2 miler yesterday! He is so fun! I hope he gets lots bigger! Or not.

Sevilla One

Well, we got to Spain via Dallas. Left Dallas at 5:30 pm & arrived in Madrid at 10ish am. I am not a fan of sleeping in an airplane sitting up. But I was on the way to Spain so the excitement outweighed the discomfort. Everyone was speaking Spanish on the flight. Spain Spanish is SO different from Mexican Spanish, much softer & shushier. And of course there is the "th" replacing "s" sounds.
I am, I Don Quixote, Lord of la Mancha... my destiny calls and I go...
On the way from Madrid to Sevilla we drove right by glorious Spanish windmills reminding me of Man of la Mancha, the very first live musical I ever saw back in 1969 in Des Moines, Iowa! And there I was right in Don Quixote country. I had to sing...I love the songs from that musical.
In Sevilla we stayed in an apartment on Calle Moratin very close to Alcazar and city center. I don't think there are building codes in Spain b/c the upstairs bathroom ceiling was about 5'3". The apartment was definately a re-model making one room 2 levels. The windows were wonderfully tall. There was room for all 6 of us. We had a tiny kitchen & 2 bathrooms! Tile all around. Our home for 7 days.
Dogs everywhere! Most are not on leashes, they just follow along.
We jumped right in & left our old time zone & became Spanish...We had paella at a cafe just a block away. But, you know what, it tasted like ocean water & I couldn't eat it but it didn't matter b/c I was in Spain! I was in Sevilla with brilliant & wonderful traveling companions!