Friday, July 23, 2010

Its July Already!

And my mother in laws apron hangs here. In the Studio North, freshly purged and organized. I found 2 aprons that belonged to Margaret, my husband's mother, one was usable. I pressed it and am passing it on to my daughter. The other is all used up. I pressed it and hung it in the studio. The beginning of my rotating exhibition.
All my fabric has been gone through, eleven bags have moved on for others to use. It took A LONG TIME! I was pokey about it. It was so overwhelming, too bad there is no before picture.
I decided to put notions in clear jars that I got from Ikea. I could write a poem about how I feel about Ikea.
Button jar
Big zipper jar
Little zipper jar
Trims jar
Snap & fasteners jar
Elastic jar.
Recently my sister and I discovered Japanese sewing magazines! Wow! Our lives seemed transformed! The designs are made for my aesthetic. I made one apron and one dress.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cloud-less Sky

There is a nice quilt shop in Trenton, Florida. It is in the old Cocola (thats how its said) bottling building. I love the icicles on this sign. I didn't buy any fabric! They have loads of it; old timey, batik, asian, floral, even 108 inch fabrics for quilt backs! I didn't buy anything. I think I've got the Re-User Itch bad! Its my favorite! I love to use what has already been used or make due/do? with what I have. I did go to Hospice House and got a great linen skirt for $4.99. I wish I could have made a sound track when I was there.
There was a woman playing the piano singing gospels songs as if she was already in heaven. Her voice was loud and true. The experience was absolutely remarkable. One song after another. Sometimes there would be applause. She was having a great time on that piano. There were 2 pianos for sale that day. It would be a shame if one of them sold. I hope there is always a piano for her to play and sing as if she was already in heaven.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holding a bubble

On the eve of Spring Break I look at the list I have been working on for 2 weeks of what to do with my endless days. Tomorrow is 'town-errands day' so that I won't have to leave the yard much after that. I want to get to Trenton's quilt shop just to browse.
I have been thinking of Jerry Cutler's thoughts on being a painter and finding a "Self-Sustaining Aesthetic". I'm afraid my self sustaining aesthetic is wobbly and as a matter of fact the search for a self-sustaining aesthetic has kept me from painting. I just like to paint.
So I have a wild hair.
My plan is to get some practice painting portraits of dogs. I saw a flyer at the vet's office last week advertising paintings of pets. I think thats a great idea. I remember hearing of another painter doing that same thing with portraits of people; she would charge $75 and if you didn't like the portrait you didn't have to pay. What a great way to get practice! I have no interest in working through a portrait to make the patron happy, I just want to learn what there is for me to learn from painting.
I need to put this on my spring break list. Then I will post the flyers in vet offices. Dogs only. Shoulders and head. From a photo. 16 x 12 or 18 x 24. $100.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Sigrids

Just fresh off the camera!

Welcome Sigrid!

I have sorely neglected this blog. Our remodel is done. The wedding is over. Today begins spring break for me in our house. Last spring break the house was in de-construct and today it is done! This remodel has made me fall in love with our house and yard and sometimes I wonder how it can be so that this is ours. It has taken our lives so far to get here.
The orange blossoms are blooming and I can smell them from the window.
We have a new puppy. Her name started out as Fifi, but it is now Sigrid. Dan found her while on a walk. She was just a puff ball, actually a soggy puff ball on that morning. Someone had dropped several of these pups around town. People who found them took them to the vet. We came back for ours and now she lives with us.
I need to take more pictures. I used to love my camera.