Friday, July 23, 2010

Its July Already!

And my mother in laws apron hangs here. In the Studio North, freshly purged and organized. I found 2 aprons that belonged to Margaret, my husband's mother, one was usable. I pressed it and am passing it on to my daughter. The other is all used up. I pressed it and hung it in the studio. The beginning of my rotating exhibition.
All my fabric has been gone through, eleven bags have moved on for others to use. It took A LONG TIME! I was pokey about it. It was so overwhelming, too bad there is no before picture.
I decided to put notions in clear jars that I got from Ikea. I could write a poem about how I feel about Ikea.
Button jar
Big zipper jar
Little zipper jar
Trims jar
Snap & fasteners jar
Elastic jar.
Recently my sister and I discovered Japanese sewing magazines! Wow! Our lives seemed transformed! The designs are made for my aesthetic. I made one apron and one dress.

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