Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cloud-less Sky

There is a nice quilt shop in Trenton, Florida. It is in the old Cocola (thats how its said) bottling building. I love the icicles on this sign. I didn't buy any fabric! They have loads of it; old timey, batik, asian, floral, even 108 inch fabrics for quilt backs! I didn't buy anything. I think I've got the Re-User Itch bad! Its my favorite! I love to use what has already been used or make due/do? with what I have. I did go to Hospice House and got a great linen skirt for $4.99. I wish I could have made a sound track when I was there.
There was a woman playing the piano singing gospels songs as if she was already in heaven. Her voice was loud and true. The experience was absolutely remarkable. One song after another. Sometimes there would be applause. She was having a great time on that piano. There were 2 pianos for sale that day. It would be a shame if one of them sold. I hope there is always a piano for her to play and sing as if she was already in heaven.

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