Monday, June 22, 2009

In love

December, huh!
Much has gone down since then:
-moved bedroom into the living room while that part of the house was stripped down to the studs
-back pain on and off again, my world became small and uncomfortable
-returned to our bedroom about a month ago- it feels fantastic
-moved out of the kitchen, living room and dining room so those rooms could be stripped to the studs--11' 11" ceilings!
-drywall is up and ready for the hardcoat
-the outside is mostly painted--its terra cotta--it scared me at first, but I love it now (it is a color that nature uses generously around here)
So I am in love with the house. She doesnt look over 100 years old does she? I feel proud to have given the house this chance to be glorious. I am also in love with painting once again. I knew I needed a large painting of an octopus in the living room. I have begun---am using a Bernard Direxit (17th century French naturalist) illustration as a leaping point. Ah, the process...

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