Thursday, July 16, 2009


Being that there are carpenters here everyday, all day, I find it difficult to focus. I don't get as much done as I would like.
Our daughter and her fiance came over for the 4th of July. We needed more chairs for the dining room (the only communal room in our house right now). I bought these chair twins from a guy who sells furniture in his parking lot, $20 a piece. I LOVE chairs and these 2 just stole my heart.
Here they are all cleaned up. They both had old pressed cardboard seats that were broken through. When I pulled the cardboard off I found out that the chairs were originally cane seated! I didn't want to have the caning redone. I wanted cushy seats so I cut down an old memory foam mattress pad and upholstered one with a four sack and the other with a bean sack. Both sacks were gifts given to me years ago that I have been saving, waiting for the right project. Viola! I really should have centered the design on the seat, but I get impulsive and just want to finish. They are extremely comfortable. The chairs are very sturdy and have been around probably longer than I have.
It must be summer of 'chair love'. I also finished making slip covers for 2 very comfortable upholstered chairs that I got from the same guy for $50 a piece. The plans in my head involved printing text on the fabric. Stay tuned for pictures and explanation.


Nance said...

Hi Kate!
Love the chairs--especially the sacks as cushions. Thanks for a fantastic parade on the fourth. It was great to hang out with you, Chloe and our whole group. What a fun event.

Kate Hanson said...

Thanks Nance. I think the 4th of July zombie finger was one of the greatest of the 4th of July memories for me. Arden's expression was priceless! I loved being part of a whole group!