Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kitchen Walls!

Color goes on them today! I have waited so long. Well, I chose a buttery white b/c the white plaster looked so good I wanted something with just a tint. Perhaps we can put our kitchen cabinets back up this weekend and almost have a working self-enclosed kitchen.
I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and was horribly seduced by a little black chandelier for $49.99. I still might take my 40% off coupon and skip down and get it. But I have been planning to make one out of a bike wheel. There was a little bike long forgotten under the house. One of the carpenters saw it and pulled it out for me. I have so many beads and wonderful things to hang from the spokes AND I have a light kit from IKEA so I am already! I'll keep you posted. It will be SO fun. I want to hang it above my work table in Studio Up.

Here are some inspirational homemade chandeliers:
Bike Wheel
Coffee Stirrers
Eye Glasses

At Hobby Lobby there was a bountiful assortment of letters to hang on the wall. My favorite. AND many were half off!
Check out this cookbook: Back of the Box Cookbook.
Its my other new favorite! I got it at the library and have put it on my Amazon Wish List for later. No boxes of jello or cups of pulverized potato chips, but some really fun and healthy kinds of foods.
Right now I am listening to Grave Goods by Ariana Franklin. Its the 3rd in the series of Adelia, Mistress of the Art of Death. Ooooo.... so good! And I am reading Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks, it is such a good read. I listened to People of the Book (also by Geraldine) last spring and it was SO good! What dee-lights!


Ann said...

Saw this post on chandeliers and then a few minutes later saw this;

Thought I'd share!

Kate Hanson said...

I love that. The light is so soft. My chandelier is coming along nicely. It took me a long time to get the tire off the rim, I felt like a real silly struggling with a kid's bike.
Pictures soon.