Saturday, July 18, 2009

79 Degrees!

Yup, thats what the authorities tell me! Of course, there is that 98% humidity that evens everything out.
The kitchen floor finally got its final sanding and first coat of polycrylic. My bare feet love the feel of the wood floor. I sure wish the floor could talk to me. I think it talks to the souls of my feet, but they aren't talking to me either.
I got into the Thornebrook Show on October 3 & 4. Mark your calendar. I really liked doing the show last year. It was the first time I let my books out for the public to see. It was dee-light-full to watch people choose which book worked best for them. It was quite a treat to realize that people will be writing in those books I made out of stuff that quite likely would be thrown away. Its my favorite.

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