Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mean Mother of a Headache

I've had this headache since 4:00 yesterday. Its something in the Florida air. I did my journal page this morning and then went to town to get my bicycle tire fixed--it was flat and I don't know how to change my own bike tire. Its embarrassing.
Along with working in the journal each morning I try to also get at least one set of book covers going. When I watch book binders work I notice that they have a big bowl of sloppy glue and a brush. I need to do some research on glue pots. Right now when I want to adhere a large sheet of paper I carefully squirt out paper glue and spread it around with an old credit card., then lay it very carefully where its supposed to go. Then I press it between sheets of wax paper. It works good. But I think I want a messy glue pot.

I got info from Art Unraveled today in the mail. Oh Boy! I am taking full day classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and heading home on Friday.
Monday is Resin-Filled Watch Case Locket with Richard Salley
Tuesday is
Junk Drawer Metalsmithing Stephanie Lee
Wednesday is
Solar Powered Timepiece & Compass Pendant with Richard again
And Thursday is
Altered Curiosities - The Illuminated Shrine with Jane Wynn
This is why I have a job so I can pay for these play dates.
Geez, I haven't noticed my headache while working on this post.


Kim said...

Kate, I'd be delighted to teach you how to change your bicycle tire. Maybe we can swap knowledge. I'm sure there's some fun art technique you could share! ;-)

Hilary said...

I think I'd get a headache trying to decide which class to take - they all sound fascinating!