Friday, July 25, 2008

More resin!

I made made 8 more resin covers! I had been saving a black iridescent butterfly for months and when I covered it with resin the iridescence disappeared but it is still lovely. The other holds a pencil and a ruler bit. I LOVE rulers! So today I think I will do some Secret Belgium Binding to get these books complete. I have to deal with the inside covers- they are still raw.
Art Unraveled is coming up and at first I decided not to make any trades but now I've decided it would be a good PR thing for the blog and for Etsy Shop.
Sooooo...more resin! I save bottle caps. They are sitting right on the computer desk in a mason jar. I made a sheet of octopus and ran it through the Epson printer (this printer uses a water proof ink so the image does not bleed) on a dictionary page. I will cut them out with a 1 inch circle punch, glue them in the bottle cap and fill with resin. I may drill a hole and make it into a charm.

Check out Be... Dream...Play. It is absolutely enthralling!

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