Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sleep Walking with Dreams

Am I narcoleptic? Are my doggies truly sleep agents? Little four footed sand-men?
I have been working only in bursts. Perhaps its not so good for me to be by myself for so long. At first it was great. Six weeks later its just the whisper of lonely.
When I am working on journal pages it seems I am making notes about stories that appear in my mind. What to do with this stuff besides just writing down the story? How can I use it?

After looking at Jill Berry's Blog and Be..Dream..Play I think its time for me to use some wet media and make some visuals to go with the stories.
I am a children's librarian at an elementary school and I LOVE it. I feel I can use all that I am in my job. Several of my ideas this summer are great lead-ins for kid collaboration, my favorite:
With an assortment of found objects,tell their story.
I am quite excited about the possibilities.
I thought writing was too hard for me and that I was a terrible writer. I think writing all the papers for the master's degree paid off in an unexpected way. I love to write now. I love the labor over getting just enough words for my ideas.
I will soon pack for Art Unraveled and for spending time with my brilliant daughter in Phoenix.

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