Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Putting stuff away

These are journal pages that started out as a National gallery of Art Book of Days thats why there is a painting on the facing page. I tore out the calendar parts, kept the paintings I liked and tipped in some nice paper for my journal entries.
I just finished this blank journal in my continuing book making frenzy. So far I have not had to purchase any book board because I am using cereal boxes, recycled book covers and so on. The cool thing about using packaging is that the crease line that may have been the top or bottom works real swell for a pocket. Notice on the front cover that I used a little button to hold the flap closed. Usually I run the covers through the sewing machine to close the flap so that any little ephemera that the journal keeper might tuck in will not fall out.
I spent the morning cleaning out a hutch in the dining room and an armoire in what we call the 'tall room'. Lots of stuff is going to the second hand store. I am planning on an artwork purge with an accompanying sale next weekend. I decided I would rather have my work hanging up somewhere rather that stored in the studio.

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