Friday, July 11, 2008


I can walk again! Its amazing what an impact being mostly pain-free makes on my psyche!
I'm a bit chagrined to say I didn't work in my daily journal yet--I had a hard time sleeping so I got up an sewed books together. I experimented with very smallish books using cereal boxes as base and covering the covers with old card catalog cards that I snagged somewhere. The little envelope for each book had 5 cards for the card catalog, a pocket with the check out card tucked in and a little sticker! The signatures share space with some wonderful atlas pages.
For today' journal page, I chose one from March- it shares opposing page with a map (I have a weakness for maps!). At this point I was just starting to experiment with making curved lines that would hold text. It does get better!
OOOOO...I bought an electric dremel for my little dremel drill press! Fun!

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