Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bird Clicker

Well, in my purging of cabinets I found 2 bird clickers that I got at Satchel's Pizza in G'ville, the best pizza in town (Blue Highway in Micanopy has the best pizza in Micanopy). So I was ready to put them in the "to-go" pile but I REALLY like birds and I wondered how hard it was to deconstruct this little unit and make one of my necklaces out of it?
It was pretty easy! I punched some new holes at the bottom of the bird for hanging little charms. I hammered the rough edges so skin and clothing won't be ripped. And I'm ready for the 'bird clicker adventure'!
This morning I had another cortisone epidural for spinal stenosis or spine strangle as I call it. I'm going to try a year of this and see how it works before I make a decision about surgery. Thats another adventure, right?
Stay tuned!

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