Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lost in Work World

School started for me on August 11. We had one week of pre-planning. Hurricane Faye passed through during our first week of school and shuts us down for 2 days. Faye dropped lots of rain but thats about it.
So I really owe you lots of images.

These entries are all looking a little grey because I am working in the dining room instead of Studio Up--the light switch sizzles when I turn it on so I am a bit wary. We start re-modeling soon and it will be fixed then. I have been strongly drawn to interiors. I subscribe to several home magazines and feast on the images. I think there are some good painting segments in these collages.
I also finished charms for a charm exchange. I soldered copper pipe to little house shapes and poured resin in the pipe bezel. I love these little gems. The swap master asked that the charm be strung to 2 inches of whatever so it can be added to a necklace of 9 other charms. I think I will use a basic rosary link with pearls as my 2 inches.

My head swirls with beginning of the year job responsibilities and I found myself in a hateful state of mind yesterday. Not so good. You know in this life I constantly have to be awake except for when I drive then all I have to do is drive. I've pared down my life to home, job, making, family and a handfull of friends. I feel a little guilty about this but its what I have to do in order to have room and time to think and make stuff.

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