Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ouch, ouch, ouch

My legs and hips are at it again. The steroid injection that I received on July 10 has worn off and my nerve bundles are being squished up again. I get another injection this afternoon. I am so excited! The injection makes me run around with so much energy that I can get things done really quickly.
I have been making things:
*just finished my pirate girl costume for Talk like a Pirate day today. This year I am not wearing my beautiful pirate coat that I made last year because I get so hot during the day. This year's pirate girl wears a skirt and a shirt embroidered with a skull and cross bones...arghh..
*working on bracelets using my resin casts, resin papers and various and sundry weird things--my fav
*I've creatively altered 3 shirts--1 from Walmart and 2 from Goodwill. Its so fun- I'll post pictures when my camera doesn't feel so heavy
The other big "Ouch" is the status of the library at school. I have 26 45 minute classes a week which gives me very little time to do library stuff. My situation isnt nearly as bad and others. Some librarians have had their book budgets taken away, some are teaching PE part time. The whole structure here is based on measurements and documentations. Its horrifying because it has so llittle to do with educating children.
Sorry. I still LOVE to read books to kids and get them excited reading.
Time to "Pirate-Up"!
Arrgh me mateys!

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