Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bowls, Basin & Steampunk Desires

Feeling a bit manic these days. Is it Spring? Is it pollen overdose? Its that time of year when anything exposed to the outdoors is covered with a fine layer of yellow pollen.
So....my newest obsession is making Steampunk outfits. I DESPERATELY NEED TO MAKE COSTUMES. I can't help it. I sure wish I had a friend who liked to do the same. I have never met anyone in my life who liked to make costumes & then do something to wear them. I've been reading more about the steampunk community & have learned that there are events to attend. Why don't I live in a more cosmopolitan area where I can find at least a few liked minded costume-builders? I am still thinking & perhaps I will come up with a plan.
Now, I have started my painting project which is most exciting. There was a definite stumbling about with materials: too old, not enough colors, broken easel... things that can be fixed. I started 2 paintings. Both of dogs. I feel I am on my way. To where I'm not sure.


Ann said...

Well it *is* Mardi Gras! A very good day to be thinking about costumes :)

Jill Holmes said...

Yay, Kate! Can't wait to see your paintings!